Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Daily Inspirational Encouragement


By: Linda Kirby/WGON

Romans 12:10 "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another..." KJV

Jesus knew that his disciples would need one another because the world hated Him, thus the world would hate them. Nothing has changed. We, as followers of Christ, still need one another for support, encouragement, the shoulder to rest on, prayers, reading the Word, learning from one another, edification; all things that we as Christians should do for one another. Alone, you do not feel loved, you do not learn, you become depressed, you flatline as a Christian. But how can we do that if we don’t have a support group of like-minded Christians? This is why Jesus wanted us to be in church -- so we could support one another. Nowadays, finding a brick and mortar church that teaches the bible, much less support one another, is hard to find. However, we can still have a support group if we want to find it. Like-minded Christians are out there. Even if you never get to actually meet them in person, just having that time to commune together is what Jesus wanted. Find a good bible-believing group that believes as you do. Learn from them, have prayers go up for you when you need it, encourage one another, and just enjoy the clean fun you can have with them. Cherish them, for they will really come in handy in the days ahead. While the world falls apart, you will have the strength of your group to keep you together.

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