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Porsche-Driving Long Island Squatters Finally Evicted After Trying to Trick Court System

The Porsche-driving couple accused of squatting in a New York home and attempting to trick the court system to get legal rights to the property has finally been kicked out by local sheriffs.

Denton Gayle, 29, and Margaret Grover, 19, became known as infamous squatters in a Long Island neighborhood after setting up camp in a dilapidated home along with their toddler, pitbull, and luxury vehicle last year, Breitbart News reported.

The couple was first arrested and removed from the home in October after a neighbor reported that they had their child living in squalor; without heat, electricity, or working bathrooms.

However, they were soon able to move back into the two-story Cape Cod after claiming to Judge Christopher Coschignano that they had signed a lease with the supposed property owner, Edward Iacono. 

The judge didn’t bother to check at the time, but Iacono had been dead for nearly eight years. In fact, every last remaining Iacono immediate family member had died by 2018. 

With nothing but a forged signature as proof of a renter’s agreement, Coschignano allowed Gayle and Grover to return in December— and even ordered the local sheriff’s department to help them move back in.

Meanwhile, other residents of the New Hyde Park neighborhood said they were being tormented by the couple.

“There’s no reasoning with these people,” one neighbor told the New York Post. “They cause a lot of chaos; they’re disrespectful to neighbors and not concerned about safety for whoever’s around.”

“The judge screwed up, and now we have to deal with the consequences,” another concerned resident told the outlet. “The Town of North Hempstead has been totally useless.”

Things came to a head when the squatters requested to be “added as heirs” to the 39 Brussel Drive home, despite having zero relation to the Iaconos.

Gayle and Grover have denied the allegations, and even hired an attorney.

“We’re not trying to play the system or asking for anything unfair, the thing they’re asking for here will allow us to be able to add our own voice and testimony to the record as the Courts try to determine what happened here and what the next steps are,” the couple’s lawyer, William Igbokwe, said.

Good news finally came to the neighbors at around 8:30 a.m. on Friday, when deputies escorted the couple from the property along with their possessions.

The pair loaded up their son and dog, Daisy, into the Porsche and left.

North Hempstead Town Councilwoman Christine Liu went and saw the eviction herself, and celebrated the move-out as a victory.

“Our residents deserve to live in a safe and peaceful community and the troubling issues at 39 Brussel prevented that,” she said. “Myself and my colleagues at the Town of North Hempstead were happy to assist the residents [to] finally resolve this matter. We thank the Sheriff’s Office for executing the eviction today.”

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